Impact of the war in Ukraine on the delivery situation at PULS

Status: 03/01/2022

In view of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we would like to inform you about the current delivery situation at PULS.

  • Does PULS use components in its products from Russia or Ukraine?
    No, PULS does not purchase any materials or preliminary work from Ukraine or Russia.

  • What effects does the war in Ukraine have on PULS' delivery situation?
    We are switching the transportation of finished products from our factory in China from rail freight to sea freight. This change in transportation extends the transit time by three weeks, so that some goods may arrive late. The supply of our plant in the Czech Republic with preliminary products from China/Asia, on the other hand, has always taken place by sea or air freight and is not affected by this change.

  • What other measures is PULS taking?
    Effective immediately, we will no longer supply the Russian market for the time being.


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