Power supplies with integrated display

All data at a glance directly in your application. Our highly efficient 240 W and 480 W DIN rail power supplies with integrated power supply condition display (PSCD) enable faster application analysis.

Application analysis.
Power supply as a data source.

Power supplies with monitoring display support decisions based on real system data. This data is useful in different phases of a system's lifecycle.

In the development phase, it can be a challenge to decide for the right power supply solution in terms of performance, features and cost. A detailed data analysis of the energy consumption and peak values in the application helps to make the right decision at an early stage.

For a permanent stream of application data during operation, the power supplies are integrated into the factory. This way, among other things, the mains quality and anomalies can be recorded and countermeasures can be taken before a downtime occurs.

The power supply also provides information on the current load profile under real conditions for situational analyses in the event of faults or for pre-tests of system expansions. This can greatly reduce the time required for fault diagnosis and increase system availability.

Available power supplies with integrated display.

DIN rail power supplies for 1-phase system

Compare Article No. DC output Range Power Input Dimensions
WxHxD (mm)
Special feature
24 V 10 A 24-28 Vdc 240 W AC 100-240 V | DC 110-150 V 48 124 127 integrated power supply condition display (PSCD)
24 V 20 A 24-28 Vdc 480 W AC 100-240 V | DC 110-150 V 48 124 127 integrated power supply condition display (PSCD)

Application data.
Know what is going on.

Real time data Real time data

Real-time data

  • Input voltage of the mains line
  • Output voltage of the power supply unit
  • Output current of the power supply unit
  • Internal temperature (primary switches)
  • Total operating hours
Recorded data Recorded data

Recorded data

  • Minimum & maximum RMS input voltage
  • Number of transient voltage dips on input
  • Number of transient voltage peaks on input
  • Maximum output voltage
  • Maximum output current
  • Minimum & maximal internal temperature (primary switches)

Just the beginning.
Think of power supply as a system.

A power supply system includes more than just the power supply unit itself. DC UPS , electronic circuit breakers and redundancy or buffer modules contribute to a holistic solution.

PULS provides all necessary products to plan an efficient and reliable power supply system for your cabinet.

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