Value-add system solutions

The benefits of standard power supplies meet customer-specific needs.

Value-add system solutionsValue-add system solutions

The alternative to customized power supplies

Available fast, cost-effective and without risk

PULS created the value-add platform to help you receive your customised power supply, quickly and cost-effectively. To accomplish this we modify our proven standard power supplies and combine them with customised modules from our subsidiary MGV, if necessary.

The value-add system has many advantages: Development time is significantly shorter than for completely customer-specific power supplies. This significantly reduces costs. The value-add solution is also based on proven circuit designs that meet the highest technological standards. You will also benefit from the renowned top-class quality of our standard power supply families.

Application requirements

When does a value-add solution make sense?

If your specification can not be cost-effectively accomplished with standard power supplies alone, it makes sense to think about a value-add solution. Maybe one or more of the following factors apply to your application:

Technical parameters for value addTechnical parameters for value add

Technical parameters

  • Special voltage ranges
  • Very high peak load current
  • Buffering DC-UPS
  • Features for monitoring and regulation
  • Extra long lifetime
Application environment for value addApplication environment for value add

Application environment

  • Mechanical changes
  • Extreme ambient temperatures
  • High vibration and shock
  • Absolute reliability and system stability
  • Protection classes > IP20
Economic considerations for value addEconomic considerations for value add

Economic considerations

  • Save development costs
  • Minimise risk
  • Samples available quickly
  • Fast access times
  • Low quantity requirements

Innovative modular systems

Which combinations can be implemented with value-add?

Our value-add systems are based on an 80-20 basis. This means that for the implementation of a value-add project, we use around 80% original or modified standard units and just 20% fully customised modules.

The following components can be combined in any way to build up an efficient value-add system.

Standard DIN rail power suppliesStandard DIN rail power supplies

Standard power supplies

Choose from the broad PULS product portfolio of more than 148 standard DIN rail power supplies.

Modified DIN rail power suppliesModified DIN rail power supplies

Modified standard

Standard power supplies can be easily modified and made precisely for the requirements of your application.

Customer-specific modulesCustomer-specific modules

Customer-specific modules

Customer-specific assemblies can be utilised to complement any missing functions in the value-add system, if necessary. 

Value add strategyValue add strategy

Satisfied customers

Examples of successful value-add system solutions

Value add system for SMT placement machineValue add system for SMT placement machine

Complete power supply system for SMT placement machine

The placement machine can process up to 135,000 components per hour. The placement heads must be accelerated rapidly to enable this high speed of assembly. This leads to high peak loads of up to 30kW.

Value-add solution:
The value-add system for this customer includes standard power supplies, modified power supplies and a customised buffer module. The system is optimised for powering dynamic loads and covers the high peak loads with the energy from the buffer module which avoids undesirable effects on the grid.

System components:

Modifications of QT40.241:

  • Input: 3AC 400-480V
  • Two output voltages: 162Vdc and 300Vdc
  • Power: 1.300W
  • Modified communications interface for output of live data
  • Multi-layer printed circuit boards and smaller components
  • Additional fan to achieve an extremely long lifetime at + 60°C ambient temperature
Value add system for 19 inch racksValue add system for 19 inch racks

Complete power supply system for 19 inch racks


Typically 19 inch plug-in power supplies are used for this kind of application. The challenge was to find a cheaper and more efficient solution based on a standard DIN rail power supply, that worked exactly like a 19 inch system.  

Value-add solution:

The 19 inch racks are equipped with three standard power supplies and a modified DC/DC converter.  The system is actively cooled and can be complemented with a specially designed module for battery backup if necessary.

System components: 

  • 2x standard QS10.121
  • 1x standard QS20.241
  • 1x modified DC/DC converter
  • 19 inch mechanicals with backplane

Value-add details:

  • Input: AC 100-240V, DC 24 or 48V 
  • Output: 24V, 10A, ±15V, 12A, 8V, 25A
  • Standard power supplies mounted in cassettes 4HE, 21TE for insertion in 19 inch racks
  • Cassettes are equipped with integrated fans for harsh operational conditions
  • Racks for integration of 4 cassettes with individual backplanes  

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