Electronic circuit breakers
The safety your system needs, comes in a revolutionary compact design: PISA-M.

Small to mid-size power requirements?
A perfect match

PISA-M 4-channel electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) are the perfect safety and power distribution tools for your applications with 90 W to 480 W power requirements.

PISA-M manages the current distribution on the secondary-side of your system and allows to separate it into smaller "power islands", which are easier to maintain.

The modules protect your system components and wiring against over-current or short-circuits and prevent costly system failures and downtimes. In addition the devices ensure the safety and functionality of your power supply units.

The digital coded interface is an easy way to remotely control the PISA-M modules and to monitor the operational system status.

In short, the ECBs enhance the robustness of your system while also saving you costs and space in the cabinet.

Slim 4-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-M Slim 4-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-M
User interface of the 4-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-M User interface of the 4-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-M

Mini in format, big on features
Next level ECB

PISA-M is by far the smallest 4-channel electronic circuit breaker in the market. The width of all variants is only 22.5 mm, so it literally fits in every system.

Despite its compact design, PISA-M is packed with various helpful features. On the front of the module the push-in connectors allow a quick and tool-less installation. Multi-colour LEDs show the status of each output channel in realtime. Each channel is equipped with a button that can be used to switch the outputs on and off and reset them.

PULS provides various versions of PISA-M. The 4ADJ modules are adjustable, that means each output channel can be set to the required current value.

If you need a plug-and-play device with fixed currents, PULS offers PISA-M versions with fixed output current settings (e.g. 2 A, 4 A, 6 A, 8 A). This makes the installation process even faster, easier and more secure.

Invisible but indispensable
Real innovation happens on the inside


Fast overload detection

PISA-M reacts incredibly quick (1 ms) in case of significant overloads or short circuits.

Selective tripping

When a fault occurs, PISA-M selectively trips the impacted channel only, maintaining an uninterrupted power supply to the other output channels.

Power supply overload protection

PISA-M constantly monitors the loads and reduces the stress on the connected power supply e.g. during overload situations.


Communication interface

The digital coded interface is a robust two-way communication protocol that can be used to monitor and remotely control the channels of PISA-M.


Fail-safe switch

The electronic fail-safe switch is an internal backup feature. It takes over if the ECB channel switch fails and can prevent lines from overheating.


Wide temperature range

The wide operational temperature from -25 to +70 °C ensures consistent and safe performance in a variety of environments, locations and industries.

Auto-voltage select

The new auto-voltage select feature for the input allows to adjust the ECB for 24 V or 12 V operation​.

Tripping speed

PISA-M adapts to your application. The tripping characteristic can be set to fast or slow.

Long lifetime

PISA-M electronic circuit breakers are made to last, with an exceptional product lifetime of > 200,000 h.

Portfolio overview

Choose your power guard

The PISA-M portfolio consists of configurable ECBs, as well as modules with fixed output current. 

Our portfolio includes the perfect "guard" for almost every application. If you have special requirements, please contact us.

Electronic circuit breaker

Compare Article No. DC output Input Dimensions
WxHxD (mm)
Special feature
8 A DC 19.2-30 V 22.5 104 98 4 output channels: Output: 4x 2 A
16 A DC 19.2-30 V 22.5 104 98 4 output channels: Output: 4x 4 A
20 A DC 19.2-30 V 22.5 104 98 4 output channels: Output: 4x 6 A max.20 A
20 A DC 19.2-30 V 22.5 104 98 4 output channels: Output: 4x 8 A max.20 A
20 A DC 19.2-30 V 22.5 104 98 4 output channels: 4x 1-8 A max. 20 A

Power supply selection

A beautiful couple

The combination of PISA-M with a PULS DIN rail power supply is the best foundation for an efficient and reliable power supply system.

PISA-M is compatible with almost any DIN rail power supply in the power range from 90 to 480 W. For best results we recommend a PULS DIN rail power supply.

4-channel ECB PISA-M 4-channel ECB PISA-M
8-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-B for bigger applications 8-channel Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) PISA-B for bigger applications

Bigger application? PISA-B
The big brother

For bigger power requirements, we offer the 8-channel electronic circuit breaker PISA-B.

PISA-B is an excellent fit for applications with higher power demands. The channels 1 and 2 provide up to 12 A and are optimised for large capacitive loads. In total PISA-B is capable to supply 40 A.

PISA-B modules are based on a modular product design. Up to 8 ECBs can be connected in parallel via thin copper bars, the so called bus bars. This results in up to 64 channels powered with only one power supply.

An innovative LED matrix on the front of the device helps to understand and evaluate your loads, detect peak currents and change your settings.

The people behind PISA

Engineering intelligence

The engineering intelligence we have accumulated over the past decades plays a pivotal role in the development of our industry-leading electronic circuit breakers.


Our engineering experience ensures the reliability of our electronic circuit breakers, providing customers with the confidence that their equipment is protected from overcurrent or short-circuits.


The safety of our customers’ operations is our top priority. We invest a lot of time and effort to make sure our ECBs meet the highest safety standards.


Our electronic circuit breakers are designed to adapt to various applications, providing flexibility for our customers’ diverse needs.


Our commitment to best engineering results also means a commitment to efficient and sustainable solutions, which is increasingly important to many of our customers.

Made in our own factories

We design it. We build it.

The fact that we both develop and manufacture our electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) in-house provides significant added value to our customers.

Our experts in R&D, testing, quality and manufacturing are working closely together to achieve the best results. This end-to-end control over the entire development and production process allows us to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability in our products.

PULS factory in the Czech Republic PULS factory in the Czech Republic

Quality control

We maintain strict quality control over the production process and the end products. We carry out intensive quality assurance tests with our PISA-M devices before delivery, such as the burn-in test. 

Secure production

Thanks to our three production facilities in Germany, Czechia and China, we can react flexibly to political developments and natural disasters and supply our customers reliably. 


Our own production facilities allow us to have an excellent cooperation of R&D and production teams. This allows innovation in every step, leading to the development of new and improved products.

Environmental impact

We are expanding our production buildings with more sustainable technologies and implement environmental standards. For example, we already cover parts of our production with energy from our own solar systems.

Get personal support for our Electronic Circuit Breakers. Get personal support for our Electronic Circuit Breakers.

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Let us empower your business success with our innovative and reliable products. Reach out to our product experts and find the best fit for your application today.

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